An app that tracks your pets

We know how much you love your pets. fetchme! lets you keep an eye on them no matter where you are, and alerts you when they decide to go out on the town. It’s live tracking feature lets you know at a push of a button where they are, so that you can bring them home safely.

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All-in-one solution

The fetchme! Tracker is designed by some of the cleverest humans around. It’s quite simple really – buy the Tracker, attach it to your pet’s collar and download the app. The Tracker tells the satellites where it is, the satellites tell fetchme! and fetchme! tells you. So you can relax in the knowledge that your pet is safe and sound.

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Awesome features

Cellular and satellite technology, together with some clever electronic engineering, combine to give your pets a voice when they need it most!

It is simple to set up – there is no need to buy a sim card, or go through the RICA process. Just charge and start using the fetchme! Tracker immediately, anywhere in South Africa.

As well as being light and small, the fetchme! Tracker is also strong and comfortable – it’s easy to secure to your existing dog’s collar.

Check out some more of the features of the fetchme! Tracker and app.

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National coverage

fetchme! boasts coverage across all corners of South Africa.


Find me live tracking

fetchme! lets you monitor and track your pet at the push of a button.


Track me feature

fetchme! lets you see what your pets really been up to this month by letting you playback his movement history.


Virtual fences

fetchme! allows you to create a virtual fence and will let you know when your pet leaves that area.


3 (human years)
Golden Retriever
BA Student
Modelling, dancing, luv to party.
Eat, Pray, Love
It's like Uber for pets, especially after a big night out, LOL!
7 (human years)
Mountain biking, just wish those pedals were longer...
Jana, my human is just so much more relaxed since I got a fetchme!, wish I'd done it years ago.
5 (human years)
Great Dane
Web Designer
Hiking, photography and the outdoors.
Gladiator, everyone thinks I look like Russel Crowe
I ruminated over getting a fetchme! for a while until eventually my wife insisted that our human buy one after I wanders off to the pub one afternoon. She says that it's the best money she ever spent.