What is fetchme! and how does it work?

It’s quite simple really. Attach the fetchme! Tracker to your pets collar and download the app. The Tracker uses cellular and GPS technology to tell the satellites where it is. The satellites tell fetchme! and fetchme! tells you. So you can relax in the knowledge that your pet is safe and sound.

Got the Tracker, got the App, got the subscription. Now what? 

Link your tracker to your phone on the fetchme! app by scanning the devices QR code or manually entering the Trackers unique IMEI number. Create a profile for your pet on the App and set up his or hers safe place (i.e. home, office). You can have multiple safe places depending on where your pet spends most of their time. The fetchme! App will notify you each time your pet leaves and returns to their designated safe place and helps you to locate them at the push of a button.

What about coverage?

fetchme! runs on both Vodacom and MTN networks, swapping between the two to ensure that you’re always covered. Remember that this is for the fetchme! device not your mobile phone. As long as you have cellular data/wi-fi reception on your IOS or Android phone, you’ll be able to communicate with the fetchme! Tracker.

Do I need to buy a sim card and RICA?

No, fetchme! Trackers come with a sim card and have already been RICA’d.

Can I use fetchme! on more than one pet?

Each fetchme! Tracker device can be used with one pet. You will need an additional device and subscription for each additional pet, however the app allows you to monitor all your pets who have a tracker device.

What’s the difference between fetchme! and a microchip?

A microchip is embedded under your pet’s skin and is an important part of your pet’s safety. However they are reactive in that in order for your pet to be returned safely, it has to be found, caught and taken to a vet or shelter that has access to the right database with the owner’s correct information. Fetchme! is proactive in that it uses an external on-collar device with GPS and cellular technology to enable you to see where your pet is at anytime, and will alert you if your pet leaves home.

About the fetchme! Tracker

How does the fetchme! Tracker attach to my pet’s collar?

The fetchme! Tracker comes with a harness that fastens securely onto your pets existing collar (up to 2,5cm wide) and is designed to stay on wherever your pet takes it. Charging is no problem, as it also clips easily out of its harness when it needs to be charged.

How do you charge the fetchme! Tracker?

Charging fetchme! is as easy as charging your phone. Simply attach the magnetic charging cable to the Tracker and connect the USB connector to any USB port. The LED light will turn red indicating that it is charging and green when it’s charge is complete.

How long does the fetchme! Tracker’s battery last?

On average, the battery lasts about 3 days, depending on cellular coverage and how regularly it is set to check your pet’s location. The fetchme! app will tell you when it’s time to charge your device.

A recharge takes approximately 2 hours and we recommend charging every 2-3 days to ensure your pets are always covered. While locating your pet is understandably the most important feature of fetchme!, we recommend using the “Location” and “Real time position” features only when your pet has really gone AWOL in order to preserve battery life.

Is the fetchme! Tracker waterproof?

Yes. fetchme! is waterproof and durable (rated IP67). It’s designed to go anywhere with your pet, however we recommend ensuring that the device is dry prior to charging.

Does the fetchme! Tracker only come in one size?

fetchme! only comes in one size. It is designed for any pet over 3.5 kg’s but works well for most smaller dogs and cats too!

Where can I buy the fetchme! Tracker?

You can purchase fetchme! Tracker right here and at selected veterinary partners.

How long does it take for the device to be activated?

Please be aware that once you have paid for subscription, the tracker device will take up to 24 hours to activate.

About the fetchme! App

Is the fetchme! app free?

Yes, simply download it from the iOS or Android stores to your smartphone and stay connected to your pet from wherever you are. The app is called Fetch SA and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Can my family also use fetchme! to keep an eye on our pets?

Absolutely, family and friends can have access to your pet’s location and activity by downloading the app and linking the devices unique QR code or EMEI number.

Why is a subscription plan required to use fetchme!?

fetchme! uses South Africa’s largest cellular networks for on-demand location tracking. Each device requires a subscription plan to work, and you will be prompted to select the plan that suits you when activating your fetchme!. Read more about subscription plans here.

Is fetchme! available outside of South Africa?

Unfortunately fetchme! is only available in South Africa at the moment.

What is the warranty for fetchme!?

fetchme! offers a 90-day money back guarantee on the purchase price of the device. For additional warranty information, click here.

Where do I go for customer support or technical related questions?

All fetchme! customers can visit our support centre.

Monday – Friday
8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday & Sunday
8am – 3.00pm

How can I return my fetchme! Tracker?

Please email our support centre or call 0861 fetchme and our helpful team of customer support advocates will assist you.